Catalan Institute for Water Research

Carles Borrego

Well-qualified and experienced microbiologist with a wide expertise on microbial ecology of continental aquatic systems and environmental genomics. Associate Professor of Microbiology at the University of Girona.

Activities in GLOBAQUA:

Mira Petrovic

Expert in analytical environmental chemistry, specifically chemical analysis of trace organic contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting compounds and surfactants by advanced mass spectrometric techniques (liquid chromatography-tandem and hybrid MS) and the study of their fate and behaviour in the aquatic environment and during wastewater and drinking water treatment.

Activities in GLOBAQUA: She co-leads WP5-QUALITYCHEM

Sergi Sabater

River ecologist, with specificities on the ecology of river algae and biofilms, the ecotoxicology of biofilms, the metabolism and functioning of fluvial systems, and the effects of global change on fluvial systems, in particular those related with water scarcity and the associated effects of higher nutrient content, hydrological alterations and toxicant occurrence

Activities in GLOBAQUA: He contributes in integrating WP6-BIOL, WP5-QUALITYCHEM and WP7-ECOSYSTEM

Josep Mas-Pla

Hydrogeologist. Reserach interest on regional groundwater resources and their quality: nitrates, seawater and coastal processes,

Activities in GLOBAQUA: He contrbutes to WP3-HYDROL

Rafael Marcé

Freshwater ecologist and modeller. His main expertise is limnology, specifically the analysis of the impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems and the modeling of ecological processes at the watershed scale.

Activities in GLOBAQUA: He participates in connecting WP6-BIOL, WP5-QUALITYCHEM and WP7-ECOSYSTEM with WP8-SERVICES

Vicenç Acuña

Ecosystem ecologist, with focus on stream ecosystem processes (carbon metabolism), ecosystem services (in-stream water prurification, water provisioning), and the interaction between urban water systems and freshwater ecosystems at different scales and its policy implications.

Activities in GLOBAQUA: He leads WP8-SERVICES

Sara Rodriguez

Expert in environmental chemistry. She focuses her research on the study of the origin, fate and ecological impact of different emerging contaminants in the environment through the development of advanced analytical methodologies for their determination in natural water and in other environmental matrices such as wastewaters and biota.

Activities in GLOBAQUA: She collaborates mainly in WP5 QUALITY-CHEM regarding the analysis of pharmaceuticals in biota

Ramon J Batalla

University of Lleida / Catalan Institute for Water Research.

Activities in GLOBAQUA: He contributes to WP3-HYDROL and WP4-GEOMORPH

Laura Vergoñós

BSc. of Environmental Science and master in geographic information technologies. Data collection and treatment, GIS services and modelling.

Activities in GLOBAQUA: She contributes to WP8-SERVICES

Marta Terrado

Environmental scientist, with focus on ecosystem services and biodiversity (provision at the river basin scale, economic valuation and environmental management in decision making). Background in mutivariate data analysis of river data at the basin scale.

Activities in GLOBAQUA: She contributes to WP8-SERVICES.

Dídac Jordà Capdevila


Dr. Dídac Jorda-Capdevila is a multidisciplinary researcher specialised in environmental river management. His PhD thesis was about environmental flows, ecosystem services and inter-stakeholder conflicts. Dídac has also been an environmental consultant, writing management plans about environmental flows, river continuity and recreational uses.

Activities in GLOBAQUA:

Dídac will participate in WP 8, and more specifically in tasks 8.2 and 8.3.

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