Conference on multiple stressors effects on aquatic ecosystems

12 January 2016

The 1st GLOBAQUA International Conference has been organized by the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (München, Germany) and the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (IDAEA-CSIC). The conference has been held at the Kardinal-Döpfner-Haus, an educational centre in Freising, Germany on 11-12 January 2016.

This interdisciplinary conference was a platform for exchange and discussion of innovative scientific findings and methods in aquatic ecosystems research. It focused on novel methods of environmental monitoring and modeling of various scopes, scales and structural complexity to improve process understanding in the interconnectivity and feedback mechanisms of climate (regional), land use (regional), economy, hydrology and hydraulics (catchment and river), water quality (river), biology and aquatic ecosystems (reach scale). Further, the conference built the bridge to the scientific assessment of implications on policy and management. 

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Training on rapid water screening using bioassays and biosensors

27 November 2015

This course was held at the Department of Environmental Chemistry of IDAEA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain) on 26-27 November 2016 and it was tailored for PhD students, master students and postdoc researchers in chemistry and environmental sciences. The focus of the course was the development and application of biological techniques of analysis for the rapid detection of organic contaminants or their effects.

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GLOBAQUA module meeting for a modelling/integration framework

18 November 2015

During the Module meeting held on 18- 20 November 2015, the GLOBAQUA team presented a modelling & integration framework which addresses a suitable theoretical framework for integration. This work was based on presentations of previously performed work in GARBs (GLOBAQUA river basins) as well as methodological approaches.

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2nd Evrotas case study meeting

04 June 2015

On 4th June 2015, the GLOBAQUA research team of HCMR organizes the “2nd Evrotas Case Study Meeting” in Sparta, Greece.with the aim to discuss with the local stakeholders the services provided by the natural ecosystem and to identify their value for the society.

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GLOBAQUA river basins experts met to integrate assesment models

15 April 2015

Experts from the GLOBAQUA river basins and specialists from the different GLOBAQUA WPs met in Barcelona (Spain) on the 8th May 2015 in order to achieve the goal of integrating assessment models into a common framework enabling incorporation of chemical, ecological, economic and hydrological aspects.

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Training on modeling hydrological processes across spatial scales

13 March 2015

The course was organized the University of Trento from the 9th to the 12th of March 2015. It was focused on modeling hydrological processes across spatial scales. Particular interest was devoted to catchment and continental scales, highlighting difficulties and the solutions proposed to cope with uncertainty arising from the dichotomy between process complexity, due to spatial heterogeneity, and the endemic data scarcity with which hydrology struggles

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1st Evrotas case study meeting

11 February 2015

On 11th February 2015, the GLOBAQUA research team of HCMR organizes the “1st Evrotas Case Study Meeting” in Sparta, Greece.  In this meeting, representatives of central, peripheral and local water authorities, as well as local stakeholders were informed on the socioeconomic aspects of the project in order to secure their future cooperation.  

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GLOBAQUA at SETAC with fate and effects of pharmaceuticals in rivers

27 January 2015

Damià Barceló (IDAEA-CSIC) will gave a plenary presentation entitled “Fate and Effects of Pharmaceuticals in River Catchments under Water Scarcity: Global Perspective and Management Solutions at SETAC Latin America in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 7-10 September 2015.

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GLOBAQUA coping with climate change and water scarcity at EXPO

26 January 2015

GLOBAQUA participated to the workshop ‘Coping with climate change and water scarcity in Africa and Europe: improving monitoring and water use-efficiency in agriculture’ at Expo 2015 (EU Pavilion, Milan, Italy) on the 17 June 2015. During this event six EU funded projects (CLIMAFRICA, WAHARA, EAU4FOOD, MARS, FIGARO and GLOBAQUA), all dealing with water scarcity and water-use in crop production, presented their activities and results. After each speaking session the floor was open for a moderated discussion with the audience.

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GLOBAQUA paper among the most downloaded articles in STOTEN

21 January 2015

The GLOBAQUA introductory paper “Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity. The GLOBAQUA Project” is among the 25 most downloaded articles from Science of the Total Environment journal.

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