31 August 2017

Nick Voulvoulis (IMPERIAL) is an invited keynote speaker at the 15th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2017), which will be held in Rhodes (Greece) from 31st August to 2nd September 2017. His talk is entitled "Enabling science to deliver change". In addition, three more talks from GLOBAQUA will be presented. Theodoros Giakoumis (IMPERIAL) will make a presentation about "Progress with the WFD implementation in five European basins: Significant differences but similar problems", Iman Hayat Mohamad Ibrahim (IMPERIAL) will give a talk entitled  "Managing Diffuse Water Pollution from Agriculture through Integrated Catchment Management in the Age of Uncertainty: Experiences in East Anglia", and Norfaradila Jaafar (IMPERIAL) will present the work about "Prioritizing and Ranking of Antibiotics for Monitoring in Municipal Wastewater".

GLOBAQUA presenting research on the WFD implementation

05 July 2017

In preparation of the WFD 2019 review,  the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) invited Nick Voulvoulis (IMPERIAL) to present findings from his research on the WFD implementation. The hearing took place in Brussels on 5 July 2017, under the theme "Taking stock of our waters and its future: discussing the Water Framework Directive in prelude to its 2019 review". Nick also participated in a panel debate that followed between the representatives of the advisory councils.

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GLOBAQUA at ASEE17 Conference

04 July 2017

Damià Barceló (IDAEA-CSIC) is giving a keynote presentation about GLOBAQUA at the ASEE17 Conference, which will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, on 2th-5th July 2017. This is the first international conference on advances in energy systems and environmental engineering.

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GLOBAQUA at the Second Slovenian congress on waters

19 April 2017

Radmila Milačič, Tea Zuliani and Janja Vidmar (JSI) attended the Second Slovenian congress on waters held in Podčetrtek. 19-20 April, 2017, and Radmila gave a presentation entitled "Elements in water and sediments of the Sava River under high and low water levels".

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Handbook about the Souss-Massa river basin

27 March 2017

A new book called The SoussMassa River Basin, Morocco is published by Springer. It attempts to explore novel solutions to long-standing problems related to water management and offers some novel approaches to dealing with these growing problems on the example of Morocco. Co-edited by Dr. Redouane Choukr‐Allah (IAV),  Globaqua Member. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of water resources in the Souss-Massa river basin in southwestern Morocco and lists novel water management approaches to narrowing the gap between water supply and demand.

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3rd GLOBAQUA annual meeting

15 March 2017

The 3rd GLOBAQUA Annual meeting was held in Sesimbra (Portugal) from the 14th to the 15th of March 2017, immediately before the workshop "New predictive tools to improve river water management from local to European scale". The whole consortium met to discuss the progress and the future plans.

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15 January 2017

A dedicated YouTube channel was created to disseminate the whole video material produced along the project. A growing number of short videos are published in the "GLOBAQUA" playlist. Among the others, you can find a video presenting the main aims and objectives of the project, including short interviews to our Coordinator and to each Module Leader.  In addition, 4 videos describing the main features of some project case studies (Adige, Anglian, Ebro, Evrotas) as well as a video showing the outcomes of our last training course on the use of stable isotopes held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) last October. Click here to follow us.

GLOBAQUA at Water JPI on policy impacts from water research activity

30 November 2016

Damià Barceló (IDAEA-CSIC) gave an oral presentation entitled "Impact in Policy of RDI activities on water research" including GLOBAQUA experience. This workshop was organised by JPI in Vienna (Austria) on 30th November and was aiming to alignment of on-going projects about emerging Pollutants including pathogens.

Defining ecosystem services with local stakeholders through participative workshops

15 November 2016

GLOBAQUA defined with local stakeholders, relevant ecosystem services (ESs) for each case study area. This task included the preparation of an elicitation stakeholder workshop during 2015/16 in each GLOBAQUA case study (i.e. Evrotas in Greece, Adige in Italy, Sous Massa in Morocco, Ebro in Spain, Anglian in the UK and Sava in Slovenia) in close co-operation between case study leaders and Alterra.

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Training on using stable isotopes to investigate hydrological processes

13 October 2016

The training course “The use of stable isotopes in investigations of hydrological processes” was organized by JSI in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 10.10.-13.10.2016. 35 participants from Germany, Hungary, Serbia, USA, UK and Slovenia attended the event. The training course was designed for researchers (master, doctoral and postdoctoral level) and other scientists interested in the use of stable isotopes and other tracers in hydrological studies.

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