• Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems with water scarcity
  • to understand the effects of water scarcity on the impact of multiple stressors in selected case studies
  • to predict how interactions will modify according to different scenarios of future global environmental change
  • to analyse the consequences of oncoming changes on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • to analyse the effects of water scarcity on ecosystem services in the study basins
  • to explore how to adapt management and policies to minimise the ecological, economical and societal consequences of oncoming environmental change

GLOBAQUA is a EU-funded project aiming to identify the prevalence of, and interaction between, stressors under water scarcity in order to improve knowledge of relationships between multiple stressors and to improve water management practices and policies.

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Bulk metal concentrations versus total suspended solids in rivers: Time-invariant & catchment-specific relationships
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5th GLOBAQUA Informational factsheet: Environmental Management
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4th GLOBAQUA Informational factsheet: Implications
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3rd GLOBAQUA Informational factsheet: Receptors
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2nd GLOBAQUA Informational factsheet: Stressors
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