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Module 1 - STRESSORS

Drought and detritivores determine leaf litter decomposition in calcareous streams of the Ebro catchment (Spain)

S. Monroy, M. Menéndez, A. Basaguren, J. Pérez, A. Elosegi, J. Pozo
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 1450-1459

Determination of the sources of nitrate and the microbiological sources of pollution in the Sava River Basin

J. Vrzel, B. Vuković-Gačić, S. Kolarević, Z. Gačić, M. Kračun-Kolarević, J. Kostić, M. Aborgiba, A. Farnleitner, G. Reischer, R. Linke, M. Paunović, N. Ogrinc
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 1460-1471

Climate change and adaptive water management measures in Chtouka Aït Baha region (Morocco)

M. Seif-Ennasr, R. Zaaboul, A. Hirich, G. N. Caroletti, L. Bouchaou, Z. E. A. El Morjani, E. H. Beraaouz, R. A. McDonnell, R. Choukr-Allah
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 862–875

The paper is available here.

Age-ranked hydrological budgets and a travel time description of catchment hydrology

R. Rigon, M. Bancheri, T. R. Green
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (2016) 4929–4947

An appraisal of the sediment yield in western Mediterranean river basins

C. Buendia , A. Herrero , S. Sabater , R.J. Batalla
Science of The Total Environment 572 (2016) 538–553
The paper is available here.

Testing the influence of sediment granulometry on heterotrophic respiration with a new laboratory flow-through system

N. Mori, B. Debeljak, D. Kocman, T. Simčič
Journal of Soils and Sediments (2016) 1-9

Performance of site-specific parameterizations of longwave radiation

G. Formetta, M. Bancheri, O. David, R. Rigon
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (2016) 4641–4654

Evaluation of genotoxic potential throughout the upper and middle stretches of Adige river basin

M. Kračun-Kolarević, S. Kolarević, J. Jovanović, V. Marković, M. Ilić, P. Simonović, V. Simić, Z. Gačić, E. Diamantini, E. Stella, M. Petrović, B. Majone, A. Bellin, M. Paunović, B. Vuković-Gačić
Science of The Total Environment 571 (2016) 1383–1391

Hydrological conditions regulate dissolved organic matter quality in an intermittent headwater stream. From drought to storm analysis

A. Guarch-Ribot, A. Butturini
Science of The Total Environment 571 (2016) 1358–1369

Hydroclimatic and water quality trends across three Mediterranean river basins

S. R. Lutz, S. Mallucci, E. Diamantini, B. Majone, A. Bellin, R. Merz
Science of The Total Environment 571 (2016) 1392–1406

Evaluation of Genotoxic Pressure along the Sava River

S. Kolarević, M. Aborgiba, M. Kračun-Kolarević, J. Kostić, P. Simonović, V. Simić, A. Milošković, G. Reischer, A. Farnleitner, Z. Gačić, R. Milačič, T. Zuliani, J. Vidmar, M. Pergal, M. Piria, M. Paunović, B. Vuković-Gačić
PLoS ONE 11 (2016)

Effects of the hydraulic conductivity microstructure on macrodispersivity

M. Di Dato, F. P. J. de Barros, A. Fiori, A. Bellin
Water Resources Research 52 (2016) 6818–6832

The paper is available here.

Does streambed heterogeneity matter for hyporheic residence time distribution in sand-bedded streams?

D. Tonina, F.P.J. de Barros, A. Marzadri, A. Bellin
Advances in Water Resources 96 (2016) 120–126

Elements in water, suspended particulate matter and sediments of the Sava River

J.Vidmar, T. Zuliani, P. Novak, A. Drinčić , J. Ščančar , R. Milačič
Journal of Soils and Sediments (2016) 1-11

Application of the Water Pollution Index in the Assessment of the Ecological Status of Rivers: a Case Study of the Sava River, Serbia

N. Popović, J. Đuknić, J. Čanak Atlagić, M. Raković, N. Marinković, B. Tubić, M. Paunović
Acta Zoologica Bulgarica 68 (2016) 97-102

Optimization of the procedure for efficient dispersion of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in aqueous samples

J. Vidmar, R. Milačič, V. Golja, S. Novak, J. Ščančar
Analytical Methods 8 (2016) 1194-1201

Elevated atmospheric CO 2 interacts with drought and competition to produce complex results in plant quality and subsequent microbial aquatic decomposition

S. Monroy, J. Miranda-Apodaca, U. Pérez-López, A. Mena-Petite, A. Elosegi, A. Muñoz-Rueda, J. Pozo
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 73 (2016) 1770–1776

MALDI-TOF MS Imaging evidences spatial differences in the degradation of solid polycaprolactone diol in water under aerobic and denitrifying conditions

D. Rivas, A. Ginebreda, S. Pérez, C. Quero, D. Barceló
Science of the Total Environment 566-567 (2016) 27-33

Simple estimation of snow density in an Alpine region

A. Pistocchi
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 6 (2016) 82-89

From dwindling ice to headwater lakes: could dams replace glaciers in the European Alps

D. Farinotti, A. Pistocchi, M. Huss
Environ. Res. Lett. 11 (2016) 054022
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Module 2 - RECEPTORS

Dam regulation and riverine food-web structure in a Mediterranean river

J. R. Mor, A. Ruhí, E. Tornés, H. Valcárcel, I. Muñoz, S. Sabater
Science of the Total Environment 625 (2018) 301–310

Diatom responses to sewage inputs and hydrological alteration in Mediterranean streams

E.Tornés, J.R. Mor, L. Mandaric, S. Sabater
Environmental Pollution 238 (2018) 369-378

Does the Tachet trait database report voltinism variability of aquatic insects between Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions?

N.Bonada & S. Dolédec
Aquatic Sciences January (2018) 80:7

The study of the interactions between groundwater and Sava River water in Ljubljansko polje aquifer (Slovenia)

J. Vrzel, K. D. Solomon, Ž. Blažeka, N. Ogrinc
Journal of Hydrology Volume 556 (2018) 384-396

Frequency-dependent multi-offset phase analysis of surface waves: an example of high- resolution characterization of a riparian aquifer.

G. Vignoli, I. Gervasio, G. Brancatelli, J. Boaga, B. Della Vedova, G. Cassiani
Geophysical Prospecting (2016)

Quality and reactivity of dissolved organic matter in a Mediterranean river across hydrological and spatial gradients

E. Ejarque, A. Freixa, E. Vazquez, A. Guarch, S. Amalfitano, S. Fazi, A. M. Romaní, A. Butturini
Science of the Total Environment 599–600 (2017) 1802–1812

Bottom-up effects of streambed drying on consumer performance through changes in resource quality

E. Mas-Martí, I. Sanpera-Calbet, I. Muñoz
Aquatic Sciences 79 (2017) 719–731

Drought effects on resource quality in a Mediterranean stream: fatty acids and sterols as indicators

I. Sanpera-Calbet, I. Ylla, A. M. Romaní, S. Sabater, I. Muñoz
Limnetica 36 (2017) 29-43

The impact of multiple stressors on the biomarkers response in gills and liver of freshwater breams during different seasons

J. Kostić, S. Kolarević, M. Kračun-Kolarević, M. Aborgiba, Z. Gačić, M. Paunović, Ž. Višnjić-Jeftić, B. Rašković, V. Poleksić, M. Lenhardt, B. Vuković-Gačić
Science of the Total Environment 601–602 (2017) 1670–1681

Contribution to the improvement of diatom-based assessments of the ecological status of large rivers: the Sava river case study.

B. Vasiljević, S. B. Simić, M. Paunović, T. Zuliani, J. Krizmanić, V. Marković, J. Tomović
Science of The Total Environment 605–606 (2017) 874-883

Discriminating permanent from temporary rivers with traits of chironomid genera

S. R. Q. Serra, M. A. S. Graça, S. Dolédec, M. J. Feio
International Journal of Limnology 53 (2017) 161 - 174

Water abstraction affects abundance, sizestructure and growth of two threatened cyprinid fishes

R. Merciai, C. Molons-Sierra, S. Sabater, E. Garcıa-Berthou
PLoS ONE 12 (2017): e0175932

Occurrence of halogenated and organophosphate flame retardants in sediment and fish samples from three European river basins

M. Giulivo, E. Capri, E. Kalogianni, R. Milacic, B. Majone, F. Ferrari, E. Eljarrat, D. Barceló
Science of The Total Environment 586 (2017) 782-791

Uncertainty of modelled flow regime for flow-ecological assessment in Southern Europe

O. Vigiak, S. Lutz, A. Mentzafou, G. Chiogna, T. Ye, B. Majone, H. Beck, A. de Roo, A. Malagó, F. Bouraoui, R. Kumar, L. Samaniego, R. Merz, C. Gamvroudis, N. Skoulikidis, N. P. Nikolaidis, A. Bellin, V. Acuňa, N. Mori, R. Ludwig, A. Pistocchi
Science of the Total Environment 615 (2018) 1028–1047

Metabolite profiling of carbamazepine and ibuprofen in Solea senegalensis bile using high-resolution mass spectrometry

J. Aceña, S. Pérez, P. Eichhorn, M. Solé, D. Barceló
Analitical and Bioanalitical Chemistry 409 (2017) 5441–5450

Temporal variability in taxonomic and trait compositions of invertebrate assemblages in two climatic regions with contrasting flow regimes

S. Dolédec, J. Tilbian, N. Bonada.
Science of the Total Environment
599-600 (2017) 1912-1921

Functional diversity: a review of methodology and current knowledge in freshwater macroinvertebrate research

D. Schmera, J. Heino, J. Podani, T. Erős, S. Dolédec
Hydrobiologia 787 (2017) 27–44

Characterization of sections of the Sava River based on fish community structure

P. Simonović, M. Piria, T. Zuliani, M. Ilić, N. Marinković, M. Kračun-Kolarević, M. Paunović
Science of the Total Environment 574 (2017) 264-271

Using a polymer probe characterized by MALDI-TOF/MS to assess river ecosystem functioning: From polymer selection to field tests

D. Rivas, A. Ginebreda, A. Elosegi, J. Pozo, S. Pérez, C. Quero, D. Barceló
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 532-540

Evaluation of precipitation input for SWAT modeling in Alpine catchment: A case study in the Adige river basin (Italy)

Y. Tuo, Z. Duan, M. Disse, G. Chiogna
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 66-82
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