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Consequences of warming and resource quality on the stoichiometry and nutrient cycling of a stream shredder

E. Mas-Martí, A.M. Romaní, I. Muñoz
PLOS ONE 10(3) (2015)

Effects of flow scarcity on leaf-litter processing under oceanic climate conditions in calcareous streams

A. Martìnez, J. Pérez, J. Molinero, M. Sagarduy, J. Pozo
Science of the Total Environment 503-504 (2015) 251-257

Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity. The GLOBAQUA project

A. Navarro-Ortega, V. Acuña, A. Bellin, P. Burek, G. Cassiani, R. Choukr-Allah, S. Dolédec, A. Elosegi, F. Ferrari, A. Ginebreda, P. Grathwohl, C. Jones, P. Ker Rault, K. Kok, P. Koundouri, R.P. Ludwig, R. Merz, R. Milacic, I. Muñoz, G. Nikulin, C. Paniconi, M. Paunović, M. Petrovic, L. Sabater, S. Sabater, N.T. Skoulikidis, A.Slob, G.Teutsch, N. Voulvoulis, D. Barceló
Science of the Total Environment  503-504 (2015) 3-9

Dynamics of suspended sediment borne persistent organic pollutants in a large regulated Mediterranean river (Ebro, NE Spain)

S. Quesada, A. Tena, D. Guillén, A. Ginebreda, D. Vericat, E. Martínez, A. Navarro-Ortega, R.J. Batalla, D. Barceló
Science of The Total Environment 473-474 (2014) 381-390

Monitoring of event-based mobilization of hydrophobic pollutants in rivers: Calibration of turbidity as a proxy for particle facilitated transport in field and laboratory

H. Rügner, M. Schwientek, M. Egner, P. Grathwohl
Science of The Total Environment 490 (2014) 191-198

Contribution to the knowledge on the distribution of freshwater sponges – the Danube and Sava rivers case study

S. Andjus, N. Nikolic, V. Dobricic, A. Marjanovic, Z. Gacic, G. Brankovic, M. Rakovic, M. Paunovic
Journal of Limnology 77 (2017) 199-208

Potentially toxic elements in the riparian soils of the Sava River

M. Marković, T. Zuliani, S.B. Simić, Z. Mataruga, O. Kostić, S. Jarić, J. Vidmar, R. Milačič, J. Ščančar, M. Mitrović, P. Pavlović
Journal of Soils and Sediments (2018) 1-11

A reduced order model-based preconditioner for the efficient solution of transient diffusion equations

D. Pasetto, M. Ferronato, M. Putti
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 109 (2017) 1159-1179

Potentially toxic elements in water and sediments of the Sava River under extreme flow events

R. Milačič, T. Zuliani, J. Vidmar, P. Oprčkal, J. Ščančar
Science of the Total Environment 605-606 (2017) 894-905
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