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Hydrological conditions control in situ DOM retention and release along a Mediterranean river

A. Butturini, A. Guarch, A.M. Romaní, A. Freixa, S. Amalfitano, S. Fazi, E. Ejarque
Water Research 99 (2016) 33-45

Using total suspended solids (TSS) and turbidity as proxies for evaluation of metal transport in river water

T. Nasrabadi, H. Ruegner, Z. Sirdari, M. Schwientek, P. Grathwohl

Applied Geochemistry 68 (2016) 1-9

The paper is available here.

Integrating ecosystem services in river basin management plans

M. Terrado, A. Momblanch, M. Bardina, L. Boithias, A. Munné, S. Sabater, A. Solera, V. Acuña
Journal of Applied Ecology 53 (2016) 865-875

Haplotype variation in the Physa acuta group (Basommatophora): genetic diversity and distribution in Serbia

M.J. Raković, M.B. Raković, A.M. Petrović, N.Z. Popović, J.A. Đuknić, Z.Z. Naunović, M.M Paunović
Mediterranean Marine Science 17 (2016) 292-301

The relation between chironomid (Diptera: Chironomidae) assemblages and environmental variables: The Kolubara River case study

N.Z. Popović, J.A. Đuknić, J.Ž. Čanak-Atlagić, M.J. Raković, B.P. Tubić, S.P. Anđus, M.M. Paunović
Archives of Biological Science 68 (2015) 405-415

Nutrients versus emerging contaminants - or a dynamic match between subsidy and stress effects on stream biofilms

I. Aristi, M. Casellas, A. Elosegi, S. Insa, M. Petrovic, S. Sabater, V. Acuña
Environmental Pollution 212 (2016) 208-215

Selecting regional climate scenarios for impact modelling studies

R.A.I. Wilcke, L. Bärring
Environmental Modelling & Software 78 (2016) 191-201

Stream Biofilm Responses to Flow Intermittency: From Cells to Ecosystems

S. Sabater, X. Timoner, C. Borrego, V. Acuña
Frontiers in Environmental Science 4 (2016) 14

The Alburnus benthopelagic fish species of the Western Balkan Peninsula: An assessment of their sustainable use.

Simić V, Simić S, Paunović M, Radojković N, Petrović A, Talevski T, Milošević D.
Science of the Total Environment, 540 (2016), 410-417

Flooding modifies the genotoxic effects of pollution on a worm, a mussel and two fish species from the Sava River

M. Aborgiba, J. Kostić, S. Kolarević, M. Kračun-Kolarević, S. Elbahi, J. Knežević-Vukčević, M. Lenhardt, M. Paunović, Z. Gačić, B. Vuković-Gačić
Science of the Total Environment 540 (2016) 358-367

Effects of 5-Fluorouracil, Etoposide and CdCl2 in Aquatic Oligochaeta Limnodrilus udekemianus Claparede (Tubificidae) Measured by Comet Assay

M. Kračun-Kolarević, S. Kolarević, A. Atanacković, V. Marković, Z. Gačić, M. Paunović, B. Vuković-Gačić
Water Air and Soil Pollution (2015) 226-242

Synthesising the trait information of European Chironomidae(Insecta: Diptera): Towards a new database

S.R.Q. Serra, F. Cobo, M.A.S. Grac¸ S. Dolédec, M.J. Feio
Ecological Indicators 61 (2016) 282-292

Nutrient variations in the Sava River Basin

J. Vrzel, N. Ogrinc
Journal of Soils and Sediments 15 (2015) 2380-2386

Quantifying in-stream retention of nitrate at catchment scales using a practical mass balance approach

M. Schwientek, B. Selle
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 188 (2016) 2

Regulation causes nitrogen cycling discontinuities in Mediterranean rivers

D. von Schiller, I. Aristi, L. Ponsatí, M. Arroita, V. Acuña, A. Elosegi, S. Sabater
Science of the Total Environment 540 (2015) 168-177

On the use of spatially distributed, time-lapse microgravity surveys to inform hydrological modeling

S. Piccolroaz, B. Majone, F. Palmieri, G. Cassiani, A. Bellin
Water Resources Research 51 (2014) 7270-7288

Shared effects of organic microcontaminants and environmental stressors on biofilms and invertebrates in impaired rivers

S. Sabater, D. Barceló, N. De Castro-Català, A. Ginebreda, M. Kuzmanovic, M. Petrovic, Y. Picó, L. Ponsatí, E. Tornés, I. Muñoz
Environmental Pollution 210 (2016) 303-314

Weak coherence in abundance patterns between bacterial classes and their constituent OTUs along a regulated river

C. Ruiz-González, G. Salazar, R. Logares, L. Proia, J.M. Gasol, S. Sabater
Frontiers in microbiology 6 (2015) 1293 

Water research in the Mediterranean: challenges and perspectives. The Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA)

S. Sabater,  V. Acuña, R.J. Batalla, J.L. Balcázar, C. Borrego, S. Insa, R. Marcé, J.M. Pla, M. Petrovic, M. Pijuan, S. Rodriguez-Mozaz, I. Rodríguez-Roda, M. Villagrasa, D. Barceló
Contributions to Science 10 (2014) 207-220

Scarcity and multiple stressors in the Mediterranean water resources: The SCARCE and GLOBAQUA research projects

A. Navarro-Ortega, S. Sabater, D. Barceló
Contributions to Science 10 (2014) 193-205
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