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Effects of the 2017 drought on isotopic and geochemical gradients in the Adige catchment, Italy

G. Chiogna, P. Skrobanek, T.S. Narany, R. Ludwig, C. Stumpp
Science of the Total Environment 645 (2018) 924-936

Planform changes and large wood dynamics in two torrents during a severe flash flood in Braunsbach, Germany 2016

A. Lucía, M. Schwientek, J. Eberle, C. Zarfl
Science of the Total Environment 640-641 (2018) 315-326

Contributions of catchment and in-stream processes to suspended sediment transport in a dominantly groundwater-fed catchment

Y. Liu, C. Zarfl, N.B. Basu, M. Schwientek, O.A. Cirpka
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22 (2018) 3903-3921

Shifts of environmental and phytoplankton variables in a regulated river: a spatial-driven analysis

L. Sabater-Liesa, A. Ginebreda, D. Barceló
Science of the Total Environment 642 (2018) 968-978

A review of the effects of pollution and water scarcity on the stream biota of an intermittent Mediterranean basin

I. Karaouzas, C. Theodoropoulos, L. Vardakas, E. Kalogianni, N. Skoulikidis
River research & Applications 34,4 (2018) 291-299

Assessing the ecological effects of water stress and pollution in a temporary river - implications for water management

I. Karaouzas, E. Smeti, A. Vourka, L. Vardakas, A. Mentzafou, E. Tornés, S. Sabater, I. Munoz, N.Th. Skoulikidis, E. Kalogianni
Science of the Total Environment 618 (2018) 1591–1604

The paper is available here

Discriminating permanent from temporary rivers with traits of chironomid genera

S.R.Q. Serra, M.A.S. Graça, S. Dolédec, M.J. Feio
Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology 53 (2017) 161–174

Radial solute transport in highly heterogeneous aquifers: Modeling and experimental comparison

M. Di Dato, A. Fiori, F. P. J. de Barros, A. Bellin
Water Resources Research 53,7 (2017) 5725-5741

The paper is available here

The Transition of EU Water Policy Towards the Water Framework Directive’s Integrated River Basin Management Paradigm

T. Giakoumis and N. Voulvoulis
Environmental Management (2018), published online

Progress with monitoring and assessment in the WFD implementation in five European river basins: significant differences but similar problems

T. Giakoumis and N. Voulvoulis
European Journal of Environmental Sciences 8 (2018) 1, 44–50

The occurrence and source identification of bisphenol compounds in wastewaters

M. Česen, K. Lenarčič, V. Mislej, M. Levstek, A. Kovačič, B. Cimrmančič, N. Uranjek, T. Kosjek, D. Heath, M. S. Dolenc, E. Heath
Science of the Total Environment 616–617 (2018) 744–752

Determination of hexavalent Cr in river sediments by speciated isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

A. Drinčić, T. Zuliani, J. Ščančar, R. Milačič
Science of the Total Environment 637–638 (2018) 1286–1294

Climate change and water valuation in Souss-Massa region: Management and adaptive measures

L. Bouchaou, R. Choukr-Allah, A. Hirich, M.S. Ennasr, M. Malki, H. Abahous, B. Bouaakaz, A. Nghira
European Water 60 (2017) 203-209

Combined effects of water stress and pollution on macroinvertebrate and fish assemblages in a Mediterranean intermittent river

E. Kalogianni, A. Vourka, I. Karaouzas, L. Vardakas, S. Laschou, N. T. Skoulikidis
Science of the Total Environment 603–604 (2017) 639–650

Dam regulation and riverine food-web structure in a Mediterranean river

J. R. Mor, A. Ruhí, E. Tornés, H. Valcárcel, I. Muñoz, S. Sabater
Science of the Total Environment 625 (2018) 301–310

Diatom responses to sewage inputs and hydrological alteration in Mediterranean streams

E.Tornés, J.R. Mor, L. Mandaric, S. Sabater
Environmental Pollution 238 (2018) 369-378

Transport of sediment borne contaminants in a Mediterranean river during a high flow event

A. Herrero, J. Vila, E. Eljarrat, A. Ginebreda, S. Sabater, R. J. Batalla, D Barceló
Science of the Total Environment 633 (2018) 1392–1402

Wastewater treatment and reuse for irrigation as alternative resource for water safeguarding in Souss-Massa region, Morocco

M. Malki, L. Bouchaou, I. Mansir, H. Benlouali, A. Nghira, R. Choukr-Allah
European Water 59 (2017) 365-371

On-line solid phase extraction-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for insect repellent residue analysis in surface waters using atmospheric pressure photoionization.

D. Molins-Delgado, D. García Sillero, M. S. Díaz-Cruz, D. Barceló
Journal of Chromatography A 1544 (2018) 33–40

Flow dynamics in hyper-saline aquifers: hydro-geophysical monitoring and modelling

K. Haaken, G.P. Deidda, G. Cassiani, A. Kemna, R. Deiana, M. Putti, C. Paniconi, C. Scudeler, A. Kemna
Hydrology and Earth System Science 21 (2017) 1439–1454
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