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Hydroclimatic and water quality trends across three Mediterranean river basins

S. R. Lutz, S. Mallucci, E. Diamantini, B. Majone, A. Bellin, R. Merz
Science of The Total Environment 571 (2016) 1392–1406

Comparison of the effectiveness of kick and sweep hand net and surber net sampling techniques used for collecting aquatic macroinvertebrate samples

B. Tubic, N. Popovic, M. Rakovic, А. Petrovic, V. Simic, M. Paunovic
RADaR-Digital Repository of Archived Publications (2016)

Evaluation of Genotoxic Pressure along the Sava River

S. Kolarević, M. Aborgiba, M. Kračun-Kolarević, J. Kostić, P. Simonović, V. Simić, A. Milošković, G. Reischer, A. Farnleitner, Z. Gačić, R. Milačič, T. Zuliani, J. Vidmar, M. Pergal, M. Piria, M. Paunović, B. Vuković-Gačić
PLoS ONE 11 (2016)

Effects of the hydraulic conductivity microstructure on macrodispersivity

M. Di Dato, F. P. J. de Barros, A. Fiori, A. Bellin
Water Resources Research 52 (2016) 6818–6832

The paper is available here.

Life-history strategies constrain invertebrate community tolerance to multiple stressors: A case study in the Ebro basin

C. P. Mondy, I. Muñoz, S. Dolédec
Science of the Total Environment 572 (2016) 196–206

An alternative smooth particle hydrodynamics formulation to simulate chemotaxis in porous media

D. Avesani, M. Dumbser, G. Chiogna, A. Bellin
Journal of mathematical biology (2016) 1-22

Does streambed heterogeneity matter for hyporheic residence time distribution in sand-bedded streams?

D. Tonina, F.P.J. de Barros, A. Marzadri, A. Bellin
Advances in Water Resources 96 (2016) 120–126

Elements in water, suspended particulate matter and sediments of the Sava River

J.Vidmar, T. Zuliani, P. Novak, A. Drinčić , J. Ščančar , R. Milačič
Journal of Soils and Sediments (2016) 1-11

Application of the Water Pollution Index in the Assessment of the Ecological Status of Rivers: a Case Study of the Sava River, Serbia

N. Popović, J. Đuknić, J. Čanak Atlagić, M. Raković, N. Marinković, B. Tubić, M. Paunović
Acta Zoologica Bulgarica 68 (2016) 97-102

Development of an integrated methodology for the sustainable environmental and socio-economic management of river ecosystems

P. Koundouri, P. Ker Rault, V. Pergamalis, V. Skianis, I. Souliotis
Science of the Total Environment 540 (2016) 90-100

Optimization of the procedure for efficient dispersion of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in aqueous samples

J. Vidmar, R. Milačič, V. Golja, S. Novak, J. Ščančar
Analytical Methods 8 (2016) 1194-1201

The Alburnus benthopelagic fish species of the Western Balkan Peninsula: An assessment of their sustainable use

V. Simić, S. Simić, M. Paunović, N. Radojković, A. Petrović, T. Talevski, D. Milošević
Science of the Total Environment 540 (2016) 410-417

Biochemical indicators and biomarkers in chub (Squalius cephalus L.) from the Sava River

M. Mihailović, D. Blagojević, N. Ogrinc, P. Simonović, V. Simić, M. Vidaković, S. Dinić, A. Uskoković, N. Grdović, J. Arambašić-Jovanović, M. Đorđević, A. Tolić, M. Kračun-Kolarević, S. Kolarević, M. Piria, M. Paunović
Science of the Total Environment 540 (2016) 368-376

Elevated atmospheric CO 2 interacts with drought and competition to produce complex results in plant quality and subsequent microbial aquatic decomposition

S. Monroy, J. Miranda-Apodaca, U. Pérez-López, A. Mena-Petite, A. Elosegi, A. Muñoz-Rueda, J. Pozo
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 73 (2016) 1770–1776

MALDI-TOF MS Imaging evidences spatial differences in the degradation of solid polycaprolactone diol in water under aerobic and denitrifying conditions

D. Rivas, A. Ginebreda, S. Pérez, C. Quero, D. Barceló
Science of the Total Environment 566-567 (2016) 27-33

Simple estimation of snow density in an Alpine region

A. Pistocchi
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 6 (2016) 82-89

HYPERstream: a multi-scale framework for streamflow routing in large-scale hydrological model

S. Piccolroaz, M. Lazzaro, A. Zarlenga, B. Majone, A. Bellin, A. Fiori
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 20 (2016) 2047–2061

From dwindling ice to headwater lakes: could dams replace glaciers in the European Alps

D. Farinotti, A. Pistocchi, M. Huss
Environ. Res. Lett. 11 (2016) 054022

Altered organic matter dynamics in rivers and streams: ecological consequences and management implications

A. Elosegi, J. Pozo
Limnetica 35 (2016) 303-322

Heterogeneity in leaf litter decomposition in a temporary Mediterranean stream during flow fragmentation

M. Abril, I. Muñoz, M. Menéndez
Science of The Total Environment 553 (2016) 330-339
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