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Metabolite profiling of carbamazepine and ibuprofen in Solea senegalensis bile using high-resolution mass spectrometry

J. Aceña, S. Pérez, P. Eichhorn, M. Solé, D. Barceló
Analitical and Bioanalitical Chemistry 409 (2017) 5441–5450

Using MALDI-TOF MS imaging and LC-HRMS for the investigation of the degradation of polycaprolactone diol exposed to different wastewater treatments

D. Rivas, B. Zonja, P. Eichhorn, A. Ginebreda, S. Pérez, D. Barceló
Analitical and Bioanalitical Chemistry 409 (2017) 5401–5411

Evidence of low dose effects of the antidepressant fluoxetine and the fungicide prochloraz on the behavior of the keystone freshwater invertebrate Gammarus pulex

N. De Castro-Catala, I. Munoz, J.L. Riera, A.T. Ford
Environmental Pollution 231 (2017) 406-414

Variability in snow depth time series in the Adige catchment

G. Marcolini, A. Bellin, M. Disse, G. Chiogna
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 13 (2017) 240–254

Modeling the water budget of the Upper Blue Nile basin using the JGrass-NewAge model system and satellite data

W. Abera, G. Formetta, L. Brocca, R. Rigon
Hidrology and Earth System Sciences 21 (2017) 3145-3165

A parsimonious approach to estimate PAH concentrations in river sediments of anthropogenically impacted watersheds

M. Schwientek, H. Rügner, U. Scherer, M. Rode, P. Grathwohl
Science of the Total Environment 601-602 (2017) 636-645

Temporal variability in taxonomic and trait compositions of invertebrate assemblages in two climatic regions with contrasting flow regimes

S. Dolédec, J. Tilbian, N. Bonada.
Science of the Total Environment
599-600 (2017) 1912-1921

Role of surface and subsurface processes in scaling N2O emissions along riverine networks

A. Marzadri, M. M. Dee, D. Tonina, A. Bellin, J. L. Tank
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol. 114 n° 17 (2017) 4330-4335

River ecosystem processes: A synthesis of approaches, criteria of use and sensitivity to environmental stressors

D. von Schiller, V. Acuña, I. Aristi, M. Arroita, A. Basaguren, A. Bellin, L. Boyero, A. Butturini, A. Ginebreda, E. Kalogianni, A. Larrañaga, B. Majone, A. Martínez, S. Monroy, I. Muñoz, M. Paunović, O. Pereda, M. Petrovic, J. Pozo, S. Rodríguez-Mozaz, D. Rivas, S. Sabater, F. Sabater, N. Skoulikidis, L. Solagaistua, L. Vardakas, A. Elosegi
Science of the Total Environment
596-597 (2017) 465-480

Environmental stressors as a driver of the trait composition of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in polluted Iberian rivers

M. Kuzmanovic, S. Dolédec, N. de Castro-Catala, A. Ginebreda, S. Sabater, I. Muñoz, D. Barceló
Environmental Research 156 (2017) 485-493

Functional diversity: a review of methodology and current knowledge in freshwater macroinvertebrate research

D. Schmera, J. Heino, J. Podani, T. Erős, S. Dolédec
Hydrobiologia 787 (2017) 27–44

The EU Water Framework Directive: From great expectations to problems with implementation

N. Voulvoulis, K. D. Arpon, T. Giakoumis
Science of The Total Environment 575 (2017) 358-366

An integrated assessment framework for the analysis of multiple pressures in aquatic ecosystems and the appraisal of management options

A. Pistocchi, A. Udias, B. Grizzetti, E. Gelati, P. Koundouri, R. Ludwig, A. Papandreou, I. Souliotis
Science of The Total Environment 575 (2017) 1477–1488

The paper is available here.

Do agents' characteristics affect their valuation of ‘common pool’ resources? A full-preference ranking analysis for the value of sustainable river basin management

O. González Dávila, P. Koundouri, T. Pantelidis, A. Papandreou
Science of The Total Environment 575 (2017) 1462–1469

The paper is available here.

Characterization of sections of the Sava River based on fish community structure

P. Simonović, M. Piria, T. Zuliani, M. Ilić, N. Marinković, M. Kračun-Kolarević, M. Paunović
Science of the Total Environment 574 (2017) 264-271

Using an ensemble of regional climate models to assess climate change impacts on water scarcity in European river basins

D. Gampe, G. Nikulin, R. Ludwig
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 1503-1518

The paper is available here.

Drought and detritivores determine leaf litter decomposition in calcareous streams of the Ebro catchment (Spain)

S. Monroy, M. Menéndez, A. Basaguren, J. Pérez, A. Elosegi, J. Pozo
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 1450-1459

Determination of the sources of nitrate and the microbiological sources of pollution in the Sava River Basin

J. Vrzel, B. Vuković-Gačić, S. Kolarević, Z. Gačić, M. Kračun-Kolarević, J. Kostić, M. Aborgiba, A. Farnleitner, G. Reischer, R. Linke, M. Paunović, N. Ogrinc
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 1460-1471

Using a polymer probe characterized by MALDI-TOF/MS to assess river ecosystem functioning: From polymer selection to field tests

D. Rivas, A. Ginebreda, A. Elosegi, J. Pozo, S. Pérez, C. Quero, D. Barceló
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 532-540

Evaluation of precipitation input for SWAT modeling in Alpine catchment: A case study in the Adige river basin (Italy)

Y. Tuo, Z. Duan, M. Disse, G. Chiogna
Science of The Total Environment 573 (2016) 66-82
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