The one-day training workshop on knowledge brokerage for River Basin Management was held on 3rd October 2018 in Agadir (Morocco) by Adriaan Slob and Tara Geerdink from TNO. The training was given to deliver knowledge and skills for a better use of scientific and stakeholder knowledge essential for River Basin Management. The objective was to build the capacity with water authorities, scientists and stakeholders involved in water management to:

1.            Share all available knowledge to better manage the river basin/water system under complex multiple stress conditions;

2.            Involve stakeholders in river basin management planning;

3.            Integrate scientific information in the river basin management plan.

The target groups for this training were scientists, policy makers, river basin managers, and (local) stakeholders who are (or should be) involved in river basin management. In total 19 persons participated in the training, dominantly from a university and a research institute. Also persons from a farmer organization, regional/local government and consultancy firm participated.

The training consisted of two parts: explanation of the theory on knowledge brokerage and group exercises on two knowledge brokerage instruments. The first exercise was a role playing game. This knowledge brokerage instrument is used to gain a better understanding of the complexity of the issue and the roles and positions of the involved actors. Role playing games resemble real-life situations to a certain extent. The second knowledge brokerage instrument exercise was a scenario planning exercise. Participative scenario planning is a tool to create a joint language and measures. This knowledge brokerage instrument is used as a strategic planning instrument, for formulation of responses to possible situations in future. Scenarios are developed in a group process aimed at joint stories of the future. The scenarios help to develop a common language, exchange knowledge and a mutual understanding of future issues. Participants had a positive experience with the very interactive session and the role playing game exercise. On the other hand the scenario exercise was perceived as difficult.


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