GLOBAQUA is organised in fourteen Work-Packages, grouped in five main modules:

Module 1 - STRESSORS analyses the effects of water scarcity on the impacts of multiple stressors occurring in each study basin, and forecasts the consequences of future scenarios for global environmental change.
Contact person: Ralf Ludwig (LMU),
Module 2 - RECEPTORS analyses the consequences of water scarcity and multiple stressors on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
Contact person: Isabel Muñoz (UB),
Module 3 - IMPLICATIONS analyses the socio-economic implications of the effects of impacts on water quality and availability, as well as on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, by translating the information gathered by modules 2 and 3 into ecosystem services, and investigating the effects on the socio-economic development.
Contact person: Phoebe Kondouri (ATHENA),
Module 4 - ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT integrates the results of the other modules to define a manageable perspective of water scarcity for the studied river basins.
Contact person: Nick Voulvoulis (IMPERIAL),
Module 5 - PROJECT COORDINATION AND DISSEMINATION is devoted at communication of the results to target groups (researchers, policy makers, water managers, land planners, etc.), and stimulating the use of results through relations with stakeholders and end-users. It coordinates also project activities.
Contact person: Alícia Navarro-Ortega (CSIC),

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