WP11 – Integrated model framework (INTEGRATION)

WP11 uses the information generated by the other WPs to integrate the main consequences of water scarcity for biodiversity and the human society. Therefore, it integrates across disciplines, from biophysical to the socio-economic fields, addressing the complex of abiotic and biotic interacting as ecosystem functions, and across scales, from river reach to basin and regional scale, towards a pan-European view.
The main tasks within WP11 are:
•    Setting up an integrated dynamic model framework
•    Addressing uncertainty and use of effective parameters
•    Generating relevant indicators for the case studies
•    Optimizing measures to minimize effects of stressors
•    Upscaling to basin scale and pan-European scale

WP Leader: Peter Burek (IES-JRC),

WP12 – Water management policy (POLICY)

WP12 connects the impact of scarcity with water policy, following a systems approach that acknowledges the critical role of socio-economic policy instruments and investment for WFD implementation, and building on the findings of all WPs. Therefore, this WP defines the current EU context, identifies opportunities to assist policy making, and will produce recommendations for improvement.
The main tasks within WP12 are:
•    Existing policies (including socio-economic policy instruments)
•    Securing the user perspective from the river basin cases and bridging the science-policy gap
•    Recommendation approaches for adaptation
•    Defining constraints for adaptive and sustainable water management
•    Transfer of policy-relevant results to river basin managers

WP Leader: Nick Voulvoulis (IMPERIAL),
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