WP1 aims to the management of data either generated by the project or required from external sources by the different WPs in order to achieve their goals.
The main tasks within WP1 are:
•    Creation of a Data Base accessible via internet to the consortium to gather the experimental data generated within the project
•    Provision of relevant historical data regarding climate, hydrology and geomorphology to identify relevant multi-stressors situations within the study sites
•    Implementation of an interactive internet platform (Water-Hub) to connect existing databases regarding water phenomenological data of potential relevance to GLOBAQUA.

WP Leader: Antoni Ginebreda (CSIC), [email protected]


WP2 aims to produce scenarios of climate, socio-economy and land and water use in a spatially-explicit manner to be used by the other WPs.
The main tasks within WP2 are:
•    Generation of climatic, socio-economic, and land and water use scenarios in the studied regions to provide the related drivers in a spatially-explicit manner
•    Provide processed and downscaled climatic forcing for all subsequent activities in GLOBAQUA
•    Conduct socioeconomic scenario analysis to develop and implement site specific Programmes of Measures
•    Setting up land use change models in all study sites
•    Evaluate climate and socioeconomic forcing to provide spatially-explicit scenarios of land use change and assigned water management for all study sites.

WP Leader: Ralf Ludwig (LMU), [email protected]

WP3 – Hydrological analysis (HYDROL)

WP3 uses existing modelling approaches to link surface and subsurface hydrological fluxes and the impact of water scarcity on the ecological status of streams. Flow and transport processes are upscaled from point to basin and regional scales, accounting for the sources of uncertainty of the model outputs. Historical data series are analysed to disentangle the effect of multiple human impacts on water resources along time and across space.
The main tasks within WP3 are:
•    Analysis of existing hydrological and geochemical data
•    Modelling surface and subsurface water resources at catchment scale
•    Modelling surface-subsurface interactions and impacts at the reach scale

WP Leader: Alberto Bellin (UNITN), [email protected]

WP4 – Geomorphological analysis (GEOMORPH)

WP4 analyses the effects of changing hydrology, land use, and climate on sediment transport, channel morphology, physical habitat, and pollutant fluxes in rivers. It analyses the sediments as vectors for contaminant transport and retention, and the geomorphological change as driver of other impacts on fluvial communities.
The main tasks within WP4 are:
•    Study the sediment transport and river-bed dynamics under multistress situations
•    Subsurface structures of river beds and the hyporheic zone
•    Sampling water quality parameters in multistress conditions for cost-effective assessment
•    Correlation of rating curves and proxy data of water quality and sediment dynamics with climate, land use, and stress events

WP Leader: Peter Grathwohl (EKUT), [email protected]

WP5 - Chemical stressors analysis (QUALITYCHEM)

WP5 studies chemical contaminants, both inorganic and organic, and their relationship to the ecosystem status. It analyses the occurrence, fate and behaviour of priority and emerging pollutants in rivers (heavy metals, halogenated and organophosphate compounds, pharmaceuticals and hormones, personal care products, pesticides, perfluorinated compouns and nanomaterials), and identifies the effects of water scarcity across study basins. This WP combines general sampling surveys, field and laboratory experiments to test the effects of multiple pressures on the fate and behaviour of microcontaminants.
The main tasks within WP5 are:
•    Identification of chemical multi-stress hot-spots in GLOBAQUA river basins
•    Controlled field experiments and manipulative laboratory experiments testing the effects of multiple pressures on fate and behaviour of microcontaminants
•    Prioritization of contaminants

WP Leader: Radmila Milacic (JSI), [email protected]
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