During the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting in May 2015 a common session GLOBAQUA-MARS was presented. The session was entitled ‘Prioritization and management of multiple stressors in river basins: effects of chemical contaminants and natural stressors’ (flyer).

The aim the session was to describe the effects of chemical, hydrological, geomorphological and biological stressors on aquatic ecosystems in order to address the following issues: update on the multi-stressor situations in Europe; the interaction of multiple stressors on aquatic communities and ecosystem functioning; the role of global and climate change on multiple-stressed aquatic ecosystems; the actions to be performed in order to bridge pollution to the effects on aquatic communities in river ecosystems; securing aquatic ecosystem services under multiple stress situations.

The session included oral and poster presentations from members of MARS and GLOBAQUA, but also from other scientists. In total 12 oral presentations were given, and 6 posters displayed. SETAC conference gave the opportunity to share results and discussion with MARS project and continue with the collaboration. The high attendance to the session showed the relevance and the interest of the subjects of both GLOBAQUA and MARS projects.

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